Dr. Bean’s 8 Part Vaccine Optimization Webinar Series

Infant Immunity

  • What are the pieces at play to make an antibody (memory) when an infant receives an antigen?
  • What is Th1/TH2 and why is it important when we are discussing vaccines?
  • What cytokines are important in an infants development?
  • Can infants seroconvert well?

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

  • When a mother receives the Tdap vaccine in pregnancy, does this affect her own baby’s ability to make antibodies to pertussis?
  • What role does breastfeeding play in vaccination?
  • What is passive immunity?
  • How is natural immunity achieved?
  • Do vaccinated mothers to MMR provide protection of measles via passive immunity to their baby?

Viruses We Vaccinate Against

  • What are all the viruses we vaccinate against and why?
  • What are examples of viruses we do not vaccinate against?
  • What role does vitamin A play?

Bacteria We Vaccinate Against

  • What are all the bacteria we vaccinate against?
  • What are examples of bacteria we do not vaccinate against?
  • What are gram negative vs gram positive bacteria?

Vaccine Schedules, Safety and Efficacy

  • Is the schedule the same from province to province?  Country to country?
  • And how are vaccines studied to be safe and effective?
  • Let’s explore what ‘science’ means.
  • How are vaccine adverse reactions monitored?

Adjuvants and SNPs (Why MTHFR is not important and what is)

  • Why is aluminum used as an adjuvant?
  • Is it the same or different from what is found in food?
  • Why is everyone talking about MTHFR and vaccines?
  • What are inflammasones?

How To Optimize Our Children’s Health Overall

  • How can we optimize the health of our kiddos?
  • How important is gut health?
  • What environmental toxins should we be looking at?
  • How much sleep do they need? Or movement?
  • What are things you can implement if they have constipation, diarrhea to even severe mood changes?

How Dr. Bean Approaches Vaccine Optimization

  • What is herd immunity?
  • What are anti-virals?
  • What are specific nutrients we can use to help with vaccine efficacy?
  • What is detoxification?
  • What is Dr. Bean’s approach to administering vaccines in her office?