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Dr. Taylor Bean, is one of few Naturopathic Doctors in British Columbia that administers vaccines in her office.

She has worked with families internationally and now in Canada around vaccinations, along with lecturing around vaccines at local and international conferences.

She is now bringing her clinical experience along with professional education, to YOU.

There will also be brand new information that has not be shared at any conference.

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For parents, professionals, and anyone interested to learn more.

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About Dr. Taylor Bean, ND

Dr. Bean is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor located in British Columbia, Canada. She achieved her immunization certificate in 2016 to administer vaccines for children ages 5 and older.

Her journey learning about vaccines started in 2014 as a result of working with patients in Singapore, where vaccines are mandated. Her knowledge base grew after achieving her immunization certification and receiving mentorship with MD's, Pediatricians and Immunologists in the field of immunization for children and adults. With the information she has learned over the years, she has applied it to lecturing to health care practitioners across Canada, the USA and SE Asia since 2018.

With the vast information Dr. Bean has learned over the years, she is not only dedicated to educating healthcare practitioners but also the public. Knowledge is empowering. So let's talk about this.

Complete Webinar Series

Webinar 1


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Webinar 2

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

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Webinar 3

Viruses We
Vaccinate Against

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Webinar 4

Bacteria We
Vaccinate Against

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Webinar 5

Vaccine Schedules, Safety and Efficacy

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Webinar 6

Adjuvants and SNPs (Why MTHFR is not important and what is)

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Webinar 7

How To Optimize Our Children's Health Overall

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Webinar 8

How Dr. Bean Approaches Vaccine Optimization

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